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Kandy Girl offers the most exclusive beauty spa your child can experience in a unique and professional surrounding.

About Us

kandy girl kids spa kimora lee

My name is Kimora-Lee Chung and I am a eight year old entrepreneur in the making. A kid spa was something I always wanted to do because there wasn’t anything in the UK. When I was seven I was always watching YouTube and came across parties at kids salons. I showed this to my mum and begged her take me. We searched on the net high and low for one in the UK but there wasn’t any. The only ones I found were in the USA.

Don’t get me wrong we found mobile pampering but I really wanted the salon experience. I remember constantly nagging my mum about it until one day my mum gave in and said she will take me to America to get a salon experience. Then I remembered my mum went to college to study beauty so I asked her why don’t you open a kids salon right here in the UK and that way other kids can experience it too?

To my surprise, mum said YES! One year later after waiting patiently, nothing happened. I reminded my mum about the promise she had made and also told her of a name I thought we can name the salon – Kandy Girl. It was my favorite song at the time. My mum loved it and we began working on the UK’s first kids pamper salon, Kandy Girl Kids Spa.

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