Kandy Girl Produces, Allergen and General Information

Important information regarding possible allergens used at Kandy Girl.

Kandy Girl asks all parents/guardians to check that the children having treatment experiences do not have any known allergies to any of the ingredients used in the treatments or given at the Kandy Bar where milkshakes and cookies are served.

The ingredients are as followed:

Chocolate facial ingredients: contains honey, cocoa powder, chocolate, brown sugar, oats.

Milk chocolate chip cookies: contains wheat – nuts may have been handled in the factory where the cookies were made.

Milkshakes: contains Soya Milk or Dairy Milk and strawberry, banana and chocolate syrup.

Soya Ice Cream or Dairy Ice Cream, whipped cream, marshmallows.

Our Salon Rules

No children under 3 allowed to have treatments (We reserve the right to see proof of age).

If bringing additional children that are not having treatments please ensure they are supervised at all times.

No food or drink allowed in the salon that has not been purchased on the Kandy Girl premises.

No pets allowed.

Our staff members reserve the right to work in a safe environment free from abuse. Unacceptable and disrespectable language/behavior will not be tolerated.

Smile 🙂 CCTV will be in operation.

Large parties of 12 girls £100.

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