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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the party food consist of?

Party food includes sandwiches - usually jam or cheese sandwiches, crisps, chocs/sweets and squash. Servings are proportionate for 8 children.

Can I bring extra children not involved in the party?

Due to space restrictions we advise customers to only bring children having treatments.

Can the guests of parents attend the salon to observe during parties?

Unfortunately due to the limited space in the salon, in the interests of health and safety, we allow a maximum of 2 adults in the salon during salon parties and no younger siblings who are not involved in the party.

I have a small budget and all the party packages seem similar, should I go for the cheapest option?

Please read all party packages to help inform you of what is included. All lists are itemised, if you are looking at a packages that does not list decorations, it means they are not included in that party package.

What is the main difference between silver and gold packages?

Silver 1.5 salon only with calm spa music. Gold is £100 more, and customer rate the Gold as our best value package, customers get one hour in salon with calm spa music, followed by one hour in the disco room, ideal for children aged between 6-13 as they get best of both worlds at an affordable price.

Can I add food to the silver party package?

The silver party package takes place solely in the salon. As we do not allow food in the salon there is no food option.

If I book the limousine, can I go into the limo with the children?

The standard limo seats 8 passengers, therefore parents can choose to allow 8 children into the limo, whilst parents follow the limo or they may wish to take the child of one or their guests. Alternatively, parents may wish to enquire about the hummer limousine which seats upto 16 passengers.

Can I bring extra children not involved in the party?

Due to space restrictions we advise customers to only bring children having treatments.

Can use of the hot tub be added when booking a few treatments?

We only allow use of the hot tubs for party guests as we have to close salon and give salon exclusivity for safeguarding purposes. We allow hot tub to be added on to any party package or for customers booking 4 VIP packages as they have salon exclusivity for 2 hours, therefore this is easily accommodated.

What is the duration that children are allowed to spend in the hot tub?

For health and reasons children are only allowed in the hot tub for a maximum of 8 minutes.

What is the maximum number of children that I can book in for a few treatments?

We are unable to book in more than 3 children for salon treatments. We recommend guests that have more than 3 children consider the possibility of booking a party package.

What is the duration for salon treatments?

All treatments vary. For examples a manicure take 3-5 mins plus drying time. Whereas the VIP package is our longest experience, lasting 45 mins to an hour.

Kandy Salon Rules

These rules are for our benefit and yours.

No Children Under Aged 3 Allowed Treatments.

We reserve the right to see proof of age.

Children Not Having Treatment Must Be Supervised.

At all times.

No Food Or Drink Allowed In The Salon.

Unless purchased from Kandy Girl.

No Pets Allowed.

Apart from legally entitled service dogs.

We Reserve The Right To Work In A Safe Environment

Rude/Aggressive/Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.

CCTV will be in operation at ALL times.

Smile for the camera :)

394 Kingstanding Rd, Birmingham B44 8LD

Tues-Fri 4pm-6pm/Saturday 10am-6pm (11-5 Tues-Fri During School Holidays)